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Published: 21st January 2009
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Most existing online booking systems are too complex - a simpler approach is much more suited for small and medium sized tour operators

With more and more people looking to make savings on their holidays it is no wonder that they are turning to the internet to help them to book their holidays and save money. To ensure that small to medium sized tour operators are getting customers, it is essential that they have an online reservation system that is easy to use and customer friendly. Without such tour operator software it is likely that bookings are lost as people don't want to spend time using an over complicated and hard to understand system when booking their holidays.

To be successful, an online booking system needs to be easy to access and use and very straightforward as this will give both customers and tour operators alike the confidence to use it. Some booking systems that are in operation on some websites make the user feel as though they need a degree in computing to successfully make a booking. What small to medium sized tour operators need from their online booking system is -

• The ability to make reservations for holidays easily - by clicking on a button to start the process and then following steps which will take the person making the booking from the start to the end of the booking process.

• A dashboard that allows the tour operator to see, at a glance, when bookings have been made and which have recently been updated. This then helps the tour operator to see in real time when and where bookings have been made and what their status is.

• An invoicing tool that allows invoices to be created at the click of a button and can then be sent to the customer at regular intervals. Invoices should also be available at any time by the tour operator and its agents.

• The ability to set up agents who can then make and take bookings using the online reservation system. By doing this the booking system will generate even more bookings.

• The ability for users to combine several different itineraries to create tailor made packages to suit the needs of the customer or agent.

• An online booking system that does not require endless training for agents to be able to quickly and effectively use it, as this is not only a waste of time and money but can also seriously harm the user experience.

When an online tour operator uses this type of tour operator software they will find that they are able to maximise their revenue as bookings can be made with ease by anyone. This will then result in an increase of bookings, increase of profits and increased usage of the software. In short if a small to medium sized online tour operator wants to maximise their potential they need an online reservation system that will support their needs and grow with their business.

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